Sunday, October 21, 2007


Apologies for my lack of blogging in the past couple of days. Truth be known, I'm hanging out to print graphics now. There's only so much I can do with my limited amount of small type. So this weekend I've been sketching ideas for illustrations to use on greeting cards, as well as designing the "Save the Date" cards for our wedding. I figure if I send out these cards, I'll have more time to work on the actual invites, and not have to worry about people missing out on vital information.

Above is a preview of an illustration I created this afternoon that I'm having converted to film tomorrow. Nervous that I've started with something a little too complicated and that it won't come out well on a plate... but we'll see! If it does work, they'll be pretty cute.

So I'll be posting updates soon with progress on these prints once the plates are done.

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who is this gal? said...

adorable! don't worry about being too ambitious - gotta start somewhere!