Friday, October 5, 2007


Some more photos of the Adanas and bits and pieces that arrived last night.

Most of it is dirty, nearly all of the type is unsorted (mixed up in the post), but I'm so happy! The rollers of the five-three are sticky and seem unusable, but the eight-five's rollers appear to be okay, just a bit dirty. I have eight or so quoins and two keys, eight chases, and a variety of type and furniture. Type I have includes Gill Sans (roman, italic and bold), Times Roman (inc. bold) which came in very old but still unopened packets, and two or three other fonts that I haven't identified yet.

Closer inspection of the two presses revealed that although the eight-five seems to move well, the mechanism that rotates the ink disks has a bolt that needs replacing. No biggie there. The five-three needs a bit more work - a bolt missing, mechanism on the ink disk snapped, needs replacing. I'm not too worried about that for now though. He was a bonus, as I was only after the eight-five to start with. So I'll fix up the eight-five first, then get to the little guy.

The lovely man at Prestons Graphics (02-6280 4899, Tennant St Fyshwick) gave me a half-full pot of Pantone Black to experiment with. Neither of us were really sure if it would do the trick, but it seems to be the only ink I can source from a local supplier. If it works ok, I'll buy a few different colours and start mixing my own.

Tonight I'll be sorting more type and working out how to best clean the eight-five.

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Ampersand Duck said...

I've been using Pantone inks from Prestons for ages; everywhere I go I enquire about ink alternatives, but the advice I get is always to order from overseas if I want to get fussier than than. A bit (just a touch) of linseed oil is nice, especially in winter when the ink is cold.

Congratulations! I'm looking forward to following this journey!