Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Just wanted to say...

These are my first attempts at small greeting cards. First colour grey, second colour applied tomorrow. 14 cards altogether, printed on 7 different paper types.

It was hard to judge how much ink was enough with such a light colour. I started off really light, adding more ink after a couple of sample prints. Then reached a point where it was a bit too much. The impression is even except for the "J" which is too heavy, but it was the best result I could get at this stage. Each night I improve a little, which is enough incentive to keep going.

A big pile of A3 samples arrived for me today from Yasmin at RedConnect. Some of today's cards are printed on these samples, as well as samples from K.W.Doggett and some artists papers I picked up from The Art Store. I spoke today with Nicky from Paper Impressions, who is also sending me some samples of Cranes Embassy to test out.

I have a couple of leads to chase up for Australian photopolymer plates tomorrow. I also have to start designing a couple of plates to send to Owossa Graphics. I'll be a busy bee for the rest of the week!

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