Thursday, October 25, 2007

All bases covered

Never admit defeat. If you can't find someone that makes wooden bases for photopolymer plates, damnit, make them yourself!

... and then when you can't find timber that's the height you need for your base, find something a little too low and glue MDF on top. Clamp tight, leave overnight and presto!

Hrm, but MDF should be cut outside, and it's pouring out there. Will have to cut tomorrow. Damn. No printing tonight.

But wait! My delightful fiancee just suggested using two sheets of thick card that we've got lying around for tonight. This way, I can actually print something, which is fantastic because I'm getting sick of not being about to print anything.

So tonight, dodgy job that might work. Tomorrow, make the real deal. I've got enough to make 6 wood blocks, 185 x 110mm. Is this finally the last hurdle conquered??


Ampersand Duck said...

You really only need one good base, onto which you stick and unstick your plates. You can pump up the base as well by sticking boxboard underneath (or thinner cards) until you reach the right height. I have wood type that is old and worn and have heaps of layers of paper pasted to their bottoms to make them sit right. The layers are so old they're peeling off, but the principle still works.

Ampersand Duck said...

...But I guess if you're over printing and you want good registration, it helps to have multiple bases. You just don't need one for every plate, is all.

Ampersand Duck said...


(it's been a long day!)

Poppy Letterpress said...

Such a long day that you're over printing, too? ;)

I know I only need one, but I had to buy a minimum of 1 mtr of the hardwood, so I thought I'd go nuts. Perhaps I'll leave my favourite plates on blocks if it looks like I'll be printing them often. And yes, I *hope* that it helps with registration!