Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Poppy Letterpress

The little red flower that makes a big statement. Hopefully Poppy Letterpress will one day make big statements, but for now, it's a learning journey.

The art of letterpress is making a revival. More so in the States and the UK than in Australia for now. Equipment, courses, references and skilled letterpress printers are few and far between. How do I know this? Well, I'm by no means a skilled printer (yet!), but I only had to start looking for a table top letterpress for sale in Australia to work it out.

I came across letterpress while doing research for my wedding invites (big day in February 2008). After finding some greeting cards for sale in
Pepe's Paperie, I was hooked, and there's no looking back.

The hunt began for a letterpress of my own. Being a graphic designer, I couldn't settle for simply paying someone else to print the wedding invites for me. After weeks of searching the internet, I've finally found an Adana 8 x5 and a 5 x 4 in Queensland. To the best of my knowledge, they're now on their way to me... hopefully arriving tomorrow. What better time to start blogging my new adventure?

I'm anxious about exactly what I will find in the 5 packages that are heading my way. In an act of desperation, I've bought them sight unseen. Cross your fingers for me that they're in working order and include most materials that I'll need.

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