Friday, January 4, 2008

Transporting the press

Hi everyone, I hope you had a great holiday break and are feeling all fresh and ready for the new year.

I've little to report on today, as far as progress. I've been working on designs for the remaining wedding pieces - table menus, placecards, order of service, etc. as well as all of the final wedding plans that need to be organised. Combined with holidays, it's left little time for printing.

However, I do have an update on the transport of the Collie's Paragon. The transport company went on holidays before giving me a quote (grr), but they did manage to do an inspection of the press to get a better idea of what they're dealing with. When the holidays were over, my quote seemed to be 'lost'. So after a phonecall explaining my disappointment, the quote arrived in my inbox yesterday morning. For the company (SEND Australia Pty Ltd) to transport the press from Brisbane to Canberra, it will cost me $1000, which I am more than happy to pay. I'm just thankful that I won't have to fly up and hire all the equipment and try to move it myself.

The press gets picked up on Monday, and will be here on Wednesday - 5 days to go!

In the meantime, my fiancee and I have hired a big skip and thrown out a lot of rubbish in the garage in order to make room for the new press. We've installed new shelves and lighting, and now I've got a bit more tidying to go before it's ready.

4 weeks till the wedding :)

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ScreamingCactus said...

YAYYYY!!!! $1000 isn't too bad, Well worth it for your beautiful press!! so very excited for you!