Friday, January 18, 2008

Alternate supplier

Well, after a day of phonecalls, I've found a place that says that can produce my plates for me, so I'll work away at the final designs this weekend and have them ready to go to film on Monday morning. So hopefully I won't have to get the remaining letterpress stationery digitally printed.

Tonight I'm working on Poppy plans and more designs for my portfolio. Busy bee.

The "Left-handed person's" cards are posted (except for Shelley's...). Big hi to Tanya, Kim, Kelly, Edwina and Sabine!

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Screaming Cactus said...

Hi Lou, Congrats on your first prints! They look great!! Am I too late to grab a left handed card? Would love to see how your press printed! Would also love to hear how you get on with your plates. Also still looking for an aussie supplier :)

I am in love with little old letterpress men today. Huge sucess with a sweet little retiring printer today. Ink, type, guilotine, YAY! So in love. So very in love!!!