Sunday, January 20, 2008

Reaching new heights

Because the Collie is on a palette now, it's much higher than it used to be. A short step would've been helpful for a person of average height to stand on while working the press before, but now it's even more necessary. And I'm only short. I've had a temporary step to stand on since it arrived, but my handyman fiancee has made me not only a big platform to stand on (much safer than a wobbly step) but it also doubles as a storage box. I'm very impressed. I get to paint it tomorrow.

Today I registered my new ABN (Australian Business Number) and looked into the legal side of things. I also got the urge to clean the press up, as it had a fair bit of dirt and grease on the frame, so now it's as close to clean as it'll get. Tomorrow I'll buy new oil for it, and hopefully find all the oiling spots using this guide.

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sarah said...

Congrats on the Collie! Making some lovely prints too I see - must be really exciting!

And is that a new banner? It's looking really good, as is your logo. Very sweet.

I have a question for you as well but I will email you at the address you listed in the comments on your 'first cards' post :)