Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Collie is here!

It's arrived! My Collie's Paragon (aka Collie) got here safetly early this afternoon. Not without a drama though:
  • Couldn't back the 4 tonne truck up the driveway straight to the garage door, as it would crack the concrete. Driver had to park it on the road and wheel the press up the driveway with the pallet jack.
  • Couldn't wheel the press up the driveway with just one man (and I'm no help) because the driveway has just the slightest incline where it meets the road.
  • Called our Best Man for help. He came over as soon as he could and he and I pushed the press while the driver pulled it up the incline. From there it was smooth sailing.
I didn't get many photos of it all because I was trying to help.

Here's the before and after of our garage, which we're still cleaning out to convert to the new studio space:

Ken had labelled all of the pieces with their number and "LOUISE CANBERRA" which I thought was funny, because he didn't know my last name.

10" x 15" chases:
And here's Taylor checking out the press motor:


who is this gal? said...


Screaming Cactus Art said...

YAYY!!!! Are you going to take it off the pallet? We jacked ours up to the beams in the ceiling and used an engine hoist to lift it up and place it back down on the ground. Most scary having that thing dangling from the ceiling!!!

Poppy Letterpress said...

I'd rather work with it off the pallet, but as we're in a rental home, I thought it best to leave it on. That meant that I had to make a ledge to sit the motor on so that it was at the same floor height as the press. It also means that I know have to make a ledge for me to stand on too! It's quite a tall press when it's on the pallet.

Lee Kottner said...

Very exciting for you! Many congrats. I'm enjoying your adventures.

Screaming Cactus Art said...

Good idea to leave it on the pallet if your garage isn't going to be its new home forever!! Imagine lifting it back up to put a pallet back underneath it !! Arggggggg!

Sarah said...

Wow, congratulations!! looks like a beauty. Am extremely envious!! ;)