Saturday, November 24, 2007

Tags in process

The guy making my new metal base wouldn't answer his phone and wasn't at his workshop where he said he'd meet me today... so no base to report on.

Mixed up some trans. white and process blue and got a lovely colour, but can't solve printing issues tonight, so I gave up on it to work on something easier. That's the spirit.

These sets of little swing tags in progress. Printed on eggshell Strathmore, which is much thicker than the BFK Rives I've been using. I've printed the first colour so far: swirl plate used for Save the Dates with trans. white/orange ink. Trans. white seems to dry very quickly, so I was cutting out the first few tags about half an hour after printing.

Rabbit will be second colour. Was going to be the full strength orange, but it's a rather dull colour when printed, so we'll see. I mounted the bunny on a base, and did a couple of impressions. I'm keen to put ink on the press right now and get the 100 tags done, but it's almost midnight, so I might just leave that one till the morning...

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