Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Second colour test run

Ok, so I totally forgot that I wanted to print the swirls as PINK not green. Woops. Just a little stuff up there. Oh well, they still look okay in the green.

This now means that we can't decide what to make the second colour. Tonight I tested the new plate with a charcoal, but it looked like black that was just running too light.

The REALLY GOOD NEWS is that after a little while fiddling without ink to get an even impression with one of my dodgy wood bases, the type from the very first print was PERFECT. Very happy. I've had to cut the plate edges closer to the type though, as some blank areas were printing as well, but that's easily fixed.

So we're debating now whether the second colour should be black or a really deep green. Either way, I should be printing the finals tomorrow night. My darling fiancee will help with the pressing though, I'm starting to get sore wrists already. I'm also sporting a huge bruise/lump on my right wrist.

In other news, I think I've found someone local that can machine a metal base for me. Might find out tomorrow.

Oh, and acetone nailpolish remover gets rid of spray adhesive :)


Ampersand Duck said...

But make sure you apply the acetone OUTSIDE. Too many printmakers die young from not taking solvents seriously! Srsly!

Poppy Letterpress said...

Oh, I believe it. I opened up the kero inside last night. The smell is STILL there, except now it's mixed with air freshener and incense. Augh.