Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sharlene & Alex

I ended up going mad for squirrels over this design - they're just so cute. Sharlene loves squirrels, and really got me hooked. This simple and quirky design let the couple have a bit of fun with their stationery, before needing some more serious invitations later on.

The little squirrel was hand-drawn at Poppy. We love creating custom illustrations for designs. It's one certain way to ensure that your concept is original and fun!

The backs of the Save the Dates held adhesive magnets, so family and friends are able to stick them to the fridge for reminders.


Ampersand Duck said...

Some comedian once said that nobody ever sees baby squirrels, only adult ones. Is that true, do you think? Hard to tell from Australia, where we don't have any of the critters...

Noice press work!

esther said...

these are ADORABLE! i love the squirrels <3