Sunday, February 8, 2009

Meet Eessu!

I'm so excited to welcome Eessu to the Poppy Letterpress team!

Eessu has been one of my dearest friends since we were kids, and she's got to be the most creative person I've ever met. Sporting a visual arts degree in printmaking, Eessu will be here helping me print while I'm pregnant (and hopefully for much longer!). This means that we won't have to shut up shop for the last months of my pregnancy, and we can still offer full service to all clients. It will also give me more time to work on exciting new designs.

We've been doing a little training in the studio, and Eessu completed her first print run today: black peony notecards.

Keep your eye on this girl, she's going to be printing up a storm!


Ampersand Duck said...

Yay Eessu!

Well done you!

Anna said...

Oh they're beautiful, are you going to be selling some?