Friday, February 27, 2009

We love illustrations!

Here at Poppy we think that there's nothing more special than having your stationery custom designed and printed just for your big event. Well, perhaps the only thing that could top that is to have a custom illustration as part of your design.

I've been illustrating and painting my entire life, and I'm just so happy now to have a job that lets me do it every day! And I've been watching Eessu's talent for art develop for the past 14 or so years (her drawing skills are far better than mine!), and you can bet that I'll be encouraging her to use these skills at Poppy Letterpress.

We've been working on designs for some baby announcement cards for an expectant couple, and have had the pleasure of developing a couple of illustrations for them to consider using on the cards. We started with a galah, but he didn't quite fit right, so we then spent some time on a Palm Cockatoo. I just love him, he looks so cheeky.

The original illustration is quite large and detailed and too good to just use only once, so we've decided to produce a short edition of prints. I'll be framing the first one off the press to put in our new baby's room. More details to come.


Clare said...

I love that you include Australiana in your designs - so pretty!

Mark said...

Hello, I am curious to know how you got from a hand drawn illustration to print on the press with so much detail? Did you have design transferred to photo polymer or magnesium? Thanks

Poppy Letterpress said...

Hi Mark, the illustrations are scanned and converted to photopolymer plates. It would work just as well with magnesium plates though. Cheers.