Monday, January 19, 2009

Gift registry alternative

For any brides out there trying to work out what to put on your gift registry when you both already have everything you need, here's a great idea - get your guests to donate to a nominated charity instead. Today I'm posting off some invitations and gift suggestion cards to Sara-Jane and Esther, and I've just loved working on the designs. This card is just a teaser though. The main photos will be up shortly.

It's funny how sometimes the most ugly things end up looking so beautiful. Take this rag for instance. The combination of pink and green made it look more like a lovely flower. I just had to share.


*Spring Blossom* said...

I love the idea of the Oxfam gift donation registry! My sister asked everyone to donate to a charity for Christmas but everyone found it very hard not to actually give her something on the day (as did I). So I decided that I would buy something from Oxfam! More people should look at supporting other people when they buy gifts instead of supporting large companies.
I love the colours that you have used on the two favourite!!!

esther said...

i only just checked in with the blog - thanks for the props on the gift idea :)

raquel raney said...

loving your work.