Monday, January 12, 2009

Presses in position

After a hot afternoon yesterday, the two presses are finally in their final positions ready to work. It took 5 people, one engine hoist, hired chains and a pallet jack to get them there. My anxiety levels were at an all-time high as we had each press dangle 1.5 feet in the air. When lifting Collie, we had four people standing on the engine hoist to counter-balance the lift, but still managed to (slowly) drop it on the ground, sending the skids through the wooden wall behind it.

All ended well though. No people or presses were harmed.
Here's a basic floor layout of the studio so far. The left side of the studio near the sink is still taken up with our housemate's storage for a few more weeks, but eventually that's where the platemaker and other units will go.
The new positions are great - lots of lighting and space around each press.

After thinking about the best name to give the new press, I've decided on "Plan B", since that's what I've been calling it anyway. And it was bought just for that - a plan B in case something goes wrong with Collie. At least that's how I like to justify this purchase...

It's great having another press here that's so similar to Collie. All rollers and chases are interchangable because they're the same size, so that makes parts easier. Plan B does have some lovely little features though, including the shots below: original 'lids' on some of the oil holes to prevent dust and debris getting in the holes, an original counter, and a foot treadle complete with the Chandler & Price logo as the grip. I'm not too impressed with the condition of the rollers though, so I'll be recovering them this year. In the meantime, I've still got great rollers on Collie.


Shop Boy said...

Hi, Lou.

So, the foot treadle is the one and only means of powering Plan B? Wow. That's always seemed to me a lot like the old one-man band, where the guy's playing a tuba, drums, a violin and about six other instruments at the same time. I remember doing that (treadle pumping, I mean) in high school, and being completely befuddled. Should have known right then what awaited me. ;-)

Oh ... and it's 0 degrees C here in Baltimore. Sigh. Shall we trade sides of the world?

Poppy Letterpress said...

Indeed, just a foot treadle. Although I kinda like having the choice between a powered press and a foot treadle now. Might be handy for those really small jobs, or the ones that I need to slow the press right down. Or if I just need a workout :)

I'm also counting on it helping my coordination. Definitely a one-man band thing!

38C here tomorrow. I'm up for a trade!