Sunday, March 9, 2008

Blossoming Poppy

I've been busy working on jobs for clients in the past week or so. First up is a job for Raquel, an artist who needed printed envelopes to house embroidered badges that she had designed. The envelopes needed to be 100% recycled kraft paper. I found Tudor makes these. The designed was printed from woodtype, which was composed and supplied by Ampersand Duck, which I was very thankful for!

The words were printed in a brown to match a photo. It had a little silver mixed in, but not quite enough to give it that metallic sheen.

It was a fun job to work on. Next week I'll be working on matching 2 colour postcards for Raquel, so stay tuned for details.

Two days ago I travelled up to Sydney to show a design studio my printing. There was much excitement about printing possibilities, and I can't wait to start working on jobs with them. Printing clients seem to be so much nicer than design clients! I won't tell you much about the job I'm quoting on for them now, but it involves gold, blind debossing, and lots of ornate swirls. Right up my alley. Will post more once I've started work on that one.


RogerHaus said...

i love these prints!! Fantastic!
:D Regards from Barcelona

Sarah said...

They look lovely! Check out these guys for 100% Post-consumer Recycled Products ( They are Australian too. A good one to have bookmarked!!