Sunday, February 24, 2008

Poppy now on!

For today's not-so-lazy Sunday afternoon, I printed the 3 little dudes that my (now) husband designed for me a while ago. I think they were originally squished onto the very first run of plates I had made, but haven't had much time to print them. Today I printed them in a little under 3 hours (a bit longer than planned, due to a couple of makeready issues). I'm getting pretty quick at changing colours on the press now.

What makes this card design so exciting for me is that they are my first item listed for sale in my new etsy shop! Check it out here. Tomorrow I'm printing the galah design that I had plates made for in January, so the dudes won't be sitting on etsy on their own for too long.


Carrie said...

These are so cute! Great work!

Sarah said...

Too cute!!

Sarah said...

Hi Louise, I've been reading your blog for a while and have wanted to get in touch with you. Now I have slightly more reason to :) I have acquired a huge press and am now reading everything you have ever typed on your blog!! Looks like it might not be as beautiful as yours, but hopefully it might get me printing. Would love to chat via email sometime (I'm in Sydney). So many questions to ask if you're up to it!! Kind Regards, Sarah (

katrina said...


I think these little guys are so cute and funky, I'm sure they will be a huge hit on etsy!

So, I came across your blog troubleshooting my press (I say that, but honestly, it is my first project, so I haven't actually done anything but troubleshoot, haha) Anyway, it seems that I am in a pretty similar situation that you were last year- got engaged, loved letterpress, never having done it, decided to design and print my own. I am a fine arts major in Texas, so it seemed feasible. Well, after months and months and money spent, I finally acquired all of the paraphernalia. You'd think this would have been the hard part! Nope! ...letterpress is challenging and tedious! (I was so naive.) I love it, but all of the unsuccessful attempts are wearing me out. Sorry to give you my life story, but I am really seeking some sort of light guidance, and I thought you might be able to relate. Maybe, if you get a chance, you could email me back and I could ask you a couple of questions about your process?

Thank you so much for tracking your journey. It has been a wealth of information and inspiration for me!

~Katrina (