Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back to life!

Photo by Fusion Photography

Well! The wedding was the most beautiful success and the honeymoon was fantastic. Hard to believe it's all over!

The letterpressed items were a hit on the day, and most things were taken away by the guests as momentos of the occasion. It all came together perfectly and made the day even more special. I can't imagine having standard wedding invites, booklets and placecards now. I still need to get things organised as we've only just got home, but I'll be posting photos of the final wedding items soon.

Having time to relax during the honeymoon meant that I have a whole lot of fresh new ideas for Poppy Letterpress, and can't wait to get them all started. With all the plates I had made up for the final wedding pieces, I also included a few illustrated pieces and business card designs to print. First up will be my business cards, which I'm itching to get done (with my new married name, too!).

BUT. I have a fair bit of press maintainence to do now. While we were away, we had some rain at home and the moist air has given Collie a nice coating of rust in some areas. Also, just as we were printing the last of the wedding pieces, we noticed that Collie is actually not sitting perfectly flat now. So I need to get the spirit level out and put some wedges under the 800kg weight of the press before printing starts again.

I'm looking forward to posting up new pieces over the next fews days though, so stay tuned!


Megan said...

Welcome back! What a beautiful wedding photo! I'll be excited to see the wedding printed materials. Sorry to hear about collie...but I'm glad she'll be back in action soon.

Fifi said...

Hi Louis

Welcome back. Great to hear you had a wonderful wedding and honeymoon.