Saturday, December 8, 2007

Invitations update

The large swirls on the original design of the invites just weren't working with my dodgy rollers, so I replaced them with a smaller version that the rollers could handle. Thank goodness they're done.

And now on to the booklets! We're making a 6 page booklet to go with the invites. They include a cover, info on the historic town we're getting married in, accommodation options, a map, gift registry, and the RSVP. Yes, I like doing things the hard way.

Rather than cut up 400 of the postcard-size pages ourselves, my good mate Mel took them to work (she works at an offset printers) and asked one of the boys to guillotine them for me. So I now have a free source for guillotining and scoring. Just have to make sure the sheets are as flat as possible before sending them their way. Once again, don't buy paper on a roll. Buy the sheets.

After a week of trying every trick possible to print the invites, I was expecting all kinds of drama with the booklet pages. Luck was on my side tonight though. I had first colour of the About, Accommodation and RSVP pages done with little worry. Best printing I've ever done on the Adana, and I'm more than a little pleased with myself tonight. All of the Accommodation and RSVP pages are clear and crisp prints with just enough of an impression and ink weight. That's 180 pages. VERY HAPPY. It's quite an enjoyable process when it all works!! I've been on a high all night.

The text for these pages will be black, so hopefully easier to print (black always works better). I'll do them tomorrow. I'm hoping to have all of the booklet pages completed by the end of tomorrow night. That's another 9 plates, or 540 passes through the press. Yeah. Long day tomorrow.

After that, my fiancee and I will bind them. We're debating how we'll do this, but rest assured, it will be the longest, most labour and time intensive way possible :)

PS. Thanks to PG from Middle of Nowhere for a mention on their blog. Now that I've discovered this gorgeous blog, I must make time to sit down and read through it properly. Oh how I love new blogs!


Megan said...

SO pretty!!!! Good for you on tackling this head-on and for not taking "the easy way out."

Ampersand Duck said...

Um, this may sound a little twee at first, but the old double-hole-punch with ribbon threaded through can be incredibly effective (and not too labour intensive), especially if the hole punch is a crafty teeny-hole one (or even heart shapes :)) and the ribbon is fine and silky!