Thursday, December 6, 2007

Found a floor press

Today's blogging will come in the form of two posts. A lot's been happening.

First post: The good news

Yes, I found a Chandler & Price OldStyle for sale, about a 10 hr drive from where I live. I looked into various transport options, and decided that, though difficult, this was the only option I really had.

A day later I dropped in to see the local printer who had made the film for my wedding invite plates. I showed him the press online, but he wasn't convinced it was a good buy. Needed a bit of work. After talking to him about how rarely presses like this come up and that my options were few, he googled for 2 minutes and not only found me a press in better condition that was possibly easier to transport... but it was FREE.

So I spent a good deal of my afternoon talking to the owner, Ken, and getting very excited. It sounds like it's in great condition, last used about 4 years ago, kept indoors, had a good even impression, 2 rollers in good condition (it holds 3, but Ken always printed with just the 2), and is motorised. I've already looked into options for slowing the speed right down. Ken's also got a chase for it, and some quoins and furniture that he'll also throw in. All. For. FREE.

So this is the press:

It's a Collie's Paragon. If anyone out there knows more about this brand, please contact me. There is nothing on the net about it. Our best guess is that it's actually a C&P NewStyle that was badged "Collie's Paragon". I think Collie's was actually an ink company at the time. Ken's guess is that the press is about 80 years old.

Runs on mains power, not three-phase. Ground size is 1.2m x 1.2m (inc. flywheel, axis) and stands about 5 ft high ("wife-high" as Ken put it). This is a huge press. I really wasn't looking for one this big. But again, it's FREE.

It's in Brisbane, so I'm going to fly up in the next week or two to inspect it properly. Ken's willing to give me a bit of a lesson as well, so I'm looking forward to that.


PG said...

ooh how exciting - and free too! I look forward to seeing more when you get it.
I am feeling your pain with your other post about the Adana etc. It really is one of the most intense learning curves and seems to be 90% trial and error and 10 % luck. In my case anyway!

who is this gal? said...

You scored big here! I haven't tried a press like this and it looks intimidating. Moving parts scare me when I'm not the one who's moving them!

Poppy Letterpress said...

Oh they scare me too, don't worry! I really wasn't after a motorised one, but the experts tell me it's very easily to slow right down.

Sarah said...

Wow, how exciting!! I have to say I envy you :)