Thursday, August 7, 2008

Samplers and preparations

Today is yet another fabulously busy day at Poppy. I've been sending out samplers left, right and centre, and have now officially run out. I'm hoping to get some time spare on the press to run some more, but until then, photos may have to do. Above are the last of the samplers printed in transparent white, and black ink. The lanterns plate is for the gorgeous Susie of Brisbane's wedding invitations which go on the press today. The 'thankyou' is from my wedding set, but the plate seems to be indestructable, so it's used a lot for samplers these days.

Click on the photos to view in detail.

My hands are red raw now after a morning spent guillotining paper for Susie's invites, but at least I have a lot of cut paper now!

There will be quite a few exciting developments at Poppy over the next few weeks. We're looking at revamping the studio space. This was on the to-do list already because it's a small, cramped space, and less than ideal, but now it's an essential thing that need to be done sooner rather than later. Why? Because I've just bought another press :)
More on that later....


Shop Boy said...


This is how it starts. Just one more press ... and soon you've built an empire. I spent a good many hours with a measuring tape, graph paper and pencil trying to figure out how all of Mary's purchases would fit.

Finally, I threw up my hands and figured I'd let god sort it out. No Armageddon yet, so that's something, eh?

Enjoy your press.

P.S. The lanterns are amazingly cool.

mo said...

I can't wait to hear about your new press! Love your stuff