Sunday, April 6, 2008

Launch progress

I'm very excited about what I'm working on at the moment. I've developed about 15 designs for wedding invitations and created a shortlist of 6 that I'll be printing for my client portfolio. They range from one to three colours (or more), and will be available in any colour scheme.

The new Poppy Wedding Collection will be launched with my new website, which is the other thing I'm finalising now. I hope to incorporate this blog into the site so it all falls under the one umbrella, but I'll leave that up to the TechniGod (my husband). It's quite difficult trying to design a website for myself because, as all graphic designers know, you're your own worst client. I've got half a dozen websites designed now, as each day I prefer a different colour, or different layout. But I'm hoping it will go live in the next fortnight or so, so stay tuned.

Each design will be a set, and standard items will be available for each: save the date, rsvp card, envelopes, reception card, placenames, menu, Order of Service booklets, etc. Couples have the option to go with one of these existing designs, or I can work with them to modify a design, or create something completely new.

If you're thinking about getting letterpress wedding invitations or Save the Date cards, you don't have to wait until the website is launched. Whether Australian or international, contact me to discuss printing for your special day.

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katrina said...

I love these! they are so fresh, I can't wait to see more!