Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Blog love

For those of you doing your letterpress research on the net, make sure you check out this post from Ampersand Duck. Now, I haven't been a letterpress printer my whole working career (as you may already know, I worked as a graphic designer in private and government studios), so I don't have any formal education in the history of printing, but I do my best to extend my knowledge whenever possible. I often wonder if other 'modern' letterpress printers stop to think about where their presses came from and what they were originally used for. I was glad to see such a well-written post about the Common Press on &Duck's blog, so make sure you read it. It's tonight's homework. And there may be random quizzes in the following days.

Speaking of &Ducky's blog, lookie here. I've already put my name down for one of these gorgeous posters which were printed by &Duck on her Vandercook SP-20 press (affectionately known as Kitty, who I met at &Duck's studio warming). Oh yes, and the show looks good, too :)  

Image copyright Ampersand Duck.

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