Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wipe your feet

Yesterday's lesson was an important one - if you're going to drop a little ink on the studio floor, make sure not to stand in it.

Especially if it's Pantone Violet. I'm normally very clean with my inks, but violet just gets everywhere. It took me over an hour to realise that I'd stood in a little violet blob, and then proceeded to walk it all around the studio, in the office, and in my kitchen. Being 31 weeks pregnant, I have trouble reaching my toes (*cough* more like my knees...) so Adrian was on the scene on all fours with a turps rag.

A tiny blob of violet can spread out to cover a quarter of a studio's cement floor when turps is applied. But let's just say that's arty, and that the studio's floor now looks a little more creative.

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