Monday, September 8, 2008

No reply - it's late.

If you email me at 10pm and I don't respond straight away, it's because I should getting ready for bed, or in front of the telly, or out drinking with friends. You know, what normal people my age do.

Up until now, you'd normally find me at this time of night working away at the computer, or even out in the cold on the press.

From now on I will be trying to resemble a normal life, which hopefully includes weekends. Ah, I remember them well.

So please, email away at any hour, but please note that I may not respond out of business hours. Don't worry - this won't mean that I'm working less. No printing will be harmed in the pursuit of sleep!

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Rachael said...

Good for you! I tried to implement this kind of practice a few months ago, and have been fairly successful. It's so important to have a bit of personal time and set limits for what you can and will do in a day. I hope you can stick to it!

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